Language: English (all documents)

Application Materials/ Research Proposal

Letter of Motivation (2 pages max.)

Project description (1,500 words minimum, 2,500 words maximum)

  • Title of research project
  • Supervisor at home university, Supervisor at host university
  • Short description of research agenda
  • General goals
  • Detailed description of research problem
  • Methodological considerations
  • Workflow
  • Relevance and expected Results

Curriculum Vitae (in tabular format)

Letters of recommendation (optional)
List of publications (optional)
List of lectures (optional)

Final Report

  • 7,500 words minimum, exluding title page, table of contents and references.

Field Report (2 pages maximum)

  • General impression of your research stay abroad
  • Quality of the host institution
  • Contacts within the host institution, inclusion in the organization
  • Recommendations for future marshall Plan students and fellows