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Meet Our Fellows: Sandra Goll

Home: FH Campus WienHost: Dana-Faber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical SchoolStudy Program: Molekulare BiotechnologieGreetings from the U.S!I jointed as a master student in Arthanari’s lab at Dana- Farber Cancer Institute in 2021 with the Marshall Plan Scholarship. As my main project, I am studying the underlaying mechanism of multi-drug resistance in infectious fungus. As I was additionally super excited about the SARS-CoV-2 and HIV projects in my lab, I am now also involved in computational and biophysical- based drug discovery, where we target key proteins in these viruses to inhibit their...

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Meet Our Fellows: Elena Martina Unterleutner

Home: Graz University of TechnologyHost: Berkeley, University of CaliforniaStudy Program: Technical PhysicsMy name is Elena Unterleutner and I have been staying at the University of California, Berkeley for over one month now. I am writing my master thesis based on research I am conducting in the lab of Zakaria Al Balushi. My research is in Materials Science and I am investigating the synthesis of graphene on germanium substrates with plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. In my free time I explore California, meet interesting new people and experience American culture. I am very thankful...

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Meet Our Fellows: Sabina Tepuš

Home: IMC University of Applied SciencesHost: Dana- Farber Cancer InstituteStudy Program: Medical and Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyMy name is Sabina Tepuš. I am doing my internship at Harvard affiliated hospital Dana Ferber Cancer Institute in Boston. The project I am working on is focused on developing new bispecific antibodies for cancer treatment. I am also helping with collecting samples from donors for COVID and flu study. My supervisor is always making sure that I understand everything and he is always teaching me new techniques which will help me in the future. Coming to Boston was a priceless...

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Meet Our Fellows: Andreas Brandstätter

Home: TU WienHost: Stony Brook UniversityStudy Program: Computer Sciences (Informatik)   I am PreDoc Researcher at TU Wien, at the Institute of Computer Engineering, Research Division Cyber-Physical Systems, supervised by Prof. Radu Grosu. My current research is about on multi-agent systems, their emergent capabilities and behavior. Currently we focus on the coordination and control methods for a swarm of robots, that should form and maintain its formation in challenging environments.   We have already collaborated remotely with Professor Scott A. Smolka and Scott D. Stoller from...

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Meet Our Fellows: Lukas Pucher

Home: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)Host: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiStudy Program: BiotechnologyI come from a small town in eastern Austria where I grew up between pumpkins, apple juice, and Puumala virus. I am undertaking my master’s degree in biotechnology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, including a semester at Gent University in Belgium. Currently, I am working at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City under the supervision of Florian Krammer on improving neuraminidase-based, recombinant...

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Meet our Fellows: Emil Steinwendtner

MPS, Emil SteinwendtnerHome: IMC University of Applied SciencesHost: Allegheny CollegeStudy Program: Applied Chemistry Hello,My name is Emil Steinwendtner and I have been staying at Allegheny college in Meadville, PA for two months now, together with my colleague Hanna Humpel.We are working in a small lab under Professor PJ Persichini III, who supports us with his mentorship, experience, and expertise. My project deals with the synthesis of benzosultams. These heterocyclic derivatives of benzenesulfonamides are an extremely useful and versatile building block in pharmacy and some other fields....

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Ingrid Vukusic

Meet our Fellows: Ingrid Vukusic

MPS, Ingrid VukusicHome: Universität SalzburgHost: Franklin & Marshall CollegeStudy Program: Mathematics I've been staying at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA for almost a month now and it still feels like I'm in an American movie - and I absolutely love the movie. I have a lot of time for my research as well as other activities on campus, for example I joined the Ultimate Frisbee team. My research is in Number Theory and I'm investigating sums of linear recurrence sequences that are perfect powers. In the last month I've already been able to prove a small result and I'm...

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