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Meet our Fellows: Eric Heindl

Home University: Salzburg University of Applied SciencesHost University: University of Southern CaliforniaTopic: Communication via 5G network slices in the smart grid Hi, my name is Eric and I'm currently in Los Angeles studying as a researcher at the University of Southern California (USC). I'm working on my master thesis here, within cooperation between the Salzburg University of Applied Science and USC. My research focus id on how to use the 5G mobile network for a communication in the smart grid (power grid). The first couple of weeks in Los Angeles were overwhelming. Studying at USC is...

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Meet our Fellows: Paula Stemmle

Home University: FH Technikum Wien(University of Applied Sciences Vienna)Host University: Shirley Ryan AbilityLabTopic: Comparison of the performance of passive ankle, adaptive positioning and powered ankle prostheses Over the next few months, I will be working at the Center for Bionic Medicine of the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago. My master thesis will be focusing on the evaluation of a hybrid leg prosthesis. More specifically, I will investigate the impact of powered knee and ankle devices on the biomechanics of human gait. I am very much looking forward to an educational stay and a...

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Meet our Fellows: Melanie Kienzl

Home University: Medizinische Universität GrazHost University: Mayo ClinicTopic: Characterization of mediators in eosinophil subtype migration and survival I’m grateful to the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation for giving me the opportunity to spend 6 months at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. I was working in the group of Elizabeth Jacobsen, PhD within the Division of Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology in a very welcoming, collaborative and international environment. My research project focused on deciphering the steroid response of different eosinophil immune phenotypes in...

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Meet our Fellows: Michael Schreiber

Home University: Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna)Host University: University of MinnesotaTopic: Influence of debris-flow material composition on the morphology of depositional fans"Processing and microstructural characterization of cold sintered ceramics Thanks to the Marshall Plan Foundation I’m very happy to send some news from Minneapolis, where I am currently working on a debris flow research project which will serve for my master’s thesis. Specifically, I’m taking part in an ongoing National Science Foundation (NSF) funded...

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Abdullah Jabr

Meet our Fellows: Abdullah Jabr

Home University: Montanuniversitaet LeobenHost University: The Pennsylvania State University - Material Research InstituteTopic: Processing and microstructural characterization of cold sintered ceramics Ceramics are recognized as strong candidate materials for modern advanced applications, owing to their outstanding mechanical, chemical and high-temperature resistance. However, such high stability poses difficulties in their fabrication process, limiting it to powder-based routes where high temperatures, typically higher than 1000°C, are applied. Therefore, ceramic fabrication results in high...

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