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Meet Our Fellows: Stefanie Leutenegger

Since arriving in San Diego a few weeks ago, my experience has been nothing short of amazing. Being a researcher at the San Diego State University's Biomass Engineering Laboratory has been an opportunity of a lifetime, providing me with the chance to be a part of a great team and work on my own project focused on optimizing the extraction process of biopolymers (PHB) from microalgae for bioplastics production.

In addition to my work, San Diego has a lot to offer for weekend and evening explorations. Among my favorite experiences so far was a visit to the desert. The desert landscape's beauty and serenity were awe-inspiring, providing a much-needed break from the busy city life.

Overall, my time in San Diego has been both challenging and rewarding. I am grateful to my scholarship foundation for allowing me to pursue my research passion and explore this beautiful city. I look forward to continuing my work at the university and discovering more of what San Diego has to offer.