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Meet Our Fellows: Sandra Goll

Home: FH Campus Wien
Host: Dana-Faber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School
Study Program: Molekulare Biotechnologie

Greetings from the U.S!
I jointed as a master student in Arthanari’s lab at Dana- Farber Cancer Institute in 2021 with the Marshall Plan Scholarship. As my main project, I am studying the underlaying mechanism of multi-drug resistance in infectious fungus. As I was additionally super excited about the SARS-CoV-2 and HIV projects in my lab, I am now also involved in computational and biophysical- based drug discovery, where we target key proteins in these viruses to inhibit their replication.

Being exposed to this highly motivated and dense science-based environment here in Boston, I was able to shape my career future significantly. I want to apply this cultural exchange experience and the network for continuing doing outstanding research driven by my curiosity!
One of my highlights this year was the ARIT (Austrian Research and Innovation Talk) in Chicago through which I was able to further expand my network with Austrian Researchers in North America. The panel discussions were so insightful and gave me new perspectives on how to responsibly communicate science, especially to the society.