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Meet Our Fellows: Andreas Brandstätter

Home: TU Wien
Host: Stony Brook University
Study Program: Computer Sciences (Informatik)
I am PreDoc Researcher at TU Wien, at the Institute of Computer Engineering, Research Division Cyber-Physical Systems, supervised by Prof. Radu Grosu. My current research is about on multi-agent systems, their emergent capabilities and behavior. Currently we focus on the coordination and control methods for a swarm of robots, that should form and maintain its formation in challenging environments.
We have already collaborated remotely with Professor Scott A. Smolka and Scott D. Stoller from Stony Brook University, New York. So I am very glad that the Marshallplan Foundation Scholarship enabled me to join Stony Brook University for three months as visiting scholar. It is not only very interesting to see how research is done in another country, but also to discuss and talk to a lot of people from different areas of expertise.