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Ingrid Vukusic

Meet our Fellows: Ingrid Vukusic

MPS, Ingrid Vukusic
Home: Universit├Ąt Salzburg
Host: Franklin & Marshall College
Study Program: Mathematics

I've been staying at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA for almost a month now and it still feels like I'm in an American movie - and I absolutely love the movie. I have a lot of time for my research as well as other activities on campus, for example I joined the Ultimate Frisbee team.

My research is in Number Theory and I'm investigating sums of linear recurrence sequences that are perfect powers. In the last month I've already been able to prove a small result and I'm currently learning some new techniques.

Every Tuesday I take the train to the Philadelphia Area Number Theory Seminar, which is a great way to connect with Number theorists from other universities.
My plan is to finish my Ph.D. soon after I return to Salzburg in March.