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Marshall Plan Fellowships Awarded

12 June 2023
Fellowship recipients. Photo: Richard Tanzer

Photo: APA Photoservice/ Richard Tanzer

As every year, we presented the fellowship certificates to our Fellows. We are very happy and proud that this year's group again consisted of apprentices and students.

The certificates were handed over by the U.S. Ambassador to Austria Victoria Reggie Kennedy, the European Commission Representative in Austria Martin Selmayr and the President of the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Wolfgang Petritsch.

We wish our Fellows an interesting and instructive stay and thank all speakers and participants of the event.

Fellowship recipients

Fellowship Recipients.
Photo: APA Photoservice/ Richard Tanzer

Ambassador Petritsch, Ambassador kennedy, and Ambassador Khymynets

From left: Ambassador Petritsch, Ambassador Kennedy, and Representative Martin Selmayr
Photo: APA Photoservice/ Richard Tanzer