Allhutter Doris
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Materiell-diskursive Praktiken und Affekt in der Entwicklung von Informationssystemen

Aschauer Gerald, J.
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Logistikum
A systemic model for the interdependencies between logistics strategy and transportation movements

Berghammer Caroline
University of Vienna
Keine Zeit für Kinder? Veränderungen in der Kinderbetreuungszeit von Eltern in Deutschland und Österreich
(No time for children? Changes in parents‘ childcare time in Germany and Austria)
Tabellen und Abbildungen (Tables and Charts)

Bärenreuter Christoph
University of Vienna
The European Public Sphere and Theory of Democracy. A comparison with the American Public Sphere

Binder Anita
Universität Linz
Unternehmenssanierungen von Klein- und Mittelunternehmen, Vergleich zwischen österr. und amerikanischem Insolvenzrecht

Böheim René
Universität Linz
The effect of firm structure on marginal work - evidence from matched employer-employee data

Connelly John
University of California, Berkeley
Catholic Racism and its Viennese Opponents

Crawford Beverly and Yana Feldman
University of California, Berkeley
“Good Cop, Bad Cop” or Dissention in the Ranks? : A case study of US-European cooperation and conflict in confronting Iran’s nuclear threat: 2003-2006

Crawford Beverly and Rezai, Armon
German Hegemonic leadership in Europe in good times and bad: A cautionary tale and the lessons of history

Eberherr Helga
"Diversity and Inclusion“ an der UC Berkeley

Eder Franz X.
Universität Wien
History of Sexuality and Consumption, 1950th-1980th

Eichengreen Barry
UC Berkeley (cooperative research project)
The Macroeconomics of an Enlarged Euro Area: Policy Implications for Europe and the United States
Lessons of the Euro for the Rest of the World

Eichert Wolfgang
Universität Klagenfurt
A Sector-specific Methodology for Evaluating the Impact of Research and Innovation on Industrials Dynamics

Eigner Peter
Universität Wien
Comparative Banking History

Feldman Yana
International Atomic Energy Agency,  and Beverly Crawford, University of California, Berkeley
U.S.-European cooperation and Conflict in confronting Iran`s Nuclear Threat

Floh Arne
Taking a deeper look at online reviews: The asymmetric effect of valence intensity on shopping behaviour

Gehring Jaqueline
University of California, Berkeley
The Implementation to the European Union's Right to Racial Equality discrimination and xenophobia

Karlinger Liliane
Universität Wien
Lock-In, Vertical Integration, and Investment: The Case of Eastern European Firms

Koenigssgruber Roland
Staatsfonds: Eine neue Investorenklasse auf internationalen Kapitalmärkten
Business and Public Policy an der UC Berkeley
Provision of Policy-Relevant Information for Accounting Regulation

Gibson Lela Jaise
University of California, Los Angeles
German-Ottoman relations in the early nineteenth century through the papers of four diplomats from Vienna, Berlin, Istanbul

Gödl Maximilian
Universität Graz
Stochastic Stability of Public Debt: The Case of Austria

Gruber-Mücke Tina
Johannes Kepler Universität Lin, with mit Dr. Waverly Ding, Haas School of Business
Universitäre Spin-Offs und Patentverwertung als Collaborative Research Project

Günther Oliver-Christoph
WU - Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Application of Double Taxation Conventions to Sovereign Wealth Funds

Haupt Andrea
University of California, Santa Barbara
The Effects of Globalization on European Parties' Policy Proposals - Neoliberale Ideen in europäischen Parteiprogrammen

Heißl Gregor
Universität Wien
A Question of Jurisdiction: Human Rights and the Internet

Kalkbrenner Esther
Universität Wien
Entry through Merger or Green Field - does it matter for multinational firms?

Lehner Stephan
WU Wien - Wirtschaftsuniversität
Innovative pricing policies for commuting: a field experiment

Ludwig Katharina

Universität Wien
Undocumented Citizens? – Mexican Migrants` Micropolitics in California

Kogelnik Maria
The Consequences of Capital Shocks on US Bank Lending

Martin Philip
University of California, Davis
Economic Integration and Migration: Transatlantic Comparisons

Mühlberger Ulrike
Universität Wien
The Social Effects of Precarious Work

Neck Reinhard
Universität Klagenfurt

Nelson Amy J.
University of California, Berkeley
Improving the Efficacy of Arms Control: From Risk Reduction to Uncertainty Management in Nuclear and Conventional Weapons Negotoations

Oberascher Friederike Sophie
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Entwicklung der Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen im 20. Jahrhundert

Pernicka Susanne
Universität Wien
Gewerkschaften und Arbeitsbeziehungen

Promper Nicole
Universität Wien
Fair Value Accounting in the Real Estate Industy - An Empirical Investigation of the Deceision Usefulness of Accounting Figures Based on IFRS and US-GAAP

Reischauer Georg
Technische Universität Wien
The Edges of the New

Rezai, Armon
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Asymmetric Information in Models of Climate Change and Economic Growth

Richter Hannes Ralph
Universität Innsbruck
Facebook Diplomacy? New Media and U.S. Public Diplomacy

Shapreau Carla
University of California, Berkeley
The Vienna Archives: Musical Expropriations During the Nazi-Era and 21st Century Ramifications

Schiemer Vera
Equity in the Context of International Accounting - an attempt of a definition

Simader Karin
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Withholding Taxes and the Fundamental Freedoms

Springler Elisabeth
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Developments in financial systems and challenges for the housing sector: A comparsion between trends in the European Union and the USA

Stiefel Dieter
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
The Policy of Insolvency in the US and the EU: Principal Differences and Recent Developments

Staiano-Daniels Lucia
University of California, Los Angeles

Steiner Katharina
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Mechanisms driving foreign currency debt of private households in CEECs

Street Alex
University of California, Berkeley
Citizenship begins at home: The Austrian case

Strohmaier Rita
Universitaet Graz
Modeling Major Technological Change: The Case of General Purpose Technologies

Strote Noah B.
University of California, Berkeley
Revenge and Justice in the Post-War Search for Integrated Nazi War Criminals in Europe

Thaler Mathias
Groundung Founding, Justifying - An Archeology of Moral Argument in the Field of Politics

Twist Kim
Chapter 4: The mainstream and the far right in Austria

Uitz Iris
Social Media in B2B Companies- A Comparison Bteween US and Austrian Companies.

Weidinger Bernhard
University of Vienna
Central Europe at the Cross Roads

Weiss Christoph
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Market Power and Price adjustment in Retailing: Evidence from Europe an the U.S.

Wendner,= Ronald
Universität Graz
Conspicuous Consumption and the Optimal Size of Government

Winter Lucas Johannes
Universität Graz
A Stackelberg Oligopoly General Equilibrium Model

Winter-Ebmer Rudolf
Universität Linz
Clash of Career and Family: Fertility Decisions after Job Displacement

Zimmermann Claudia
Universität Graz
"Smart" versus "Hard"? A Comparison between European and American Approaches to Drug Policity

Zulehner, Christine
Universität Wien
Discrimination of women in the labor market and the determinants of firm survival

Ziegler, Nicholas
University of California, Berkeley
Occupational Pension Choice in a System of Organized Capitalism:Austria in Comparative Perspective