Milton Wolf Seminar 2017

The Marshall Plan and the Yearning for Transformative Visions

Vienna, Austria April 25 - 27, 2017

Photo: Center for Global Communication Studies

Photo: Center for Global Communication Studies


Launched in 2001, the Milton Wolf Seminar Series deals with developing issues in diplomacy and journalism – both broadly defined. This year, on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the launching of the Marshall Plan, the focal point will be on the creation, critique and execution of “visions” as an instrument of multilateral statecraft.

The University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School for Communication, The American Austrian Foundation (AAF), and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (DA) jointly organize this 2017 seminar, with support from the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation. Participants will include communications scholars, political scientists, and historians who have studied the Marshall Plan and other organizing visions, those working for state and multi-lateral organizations, journalists, media development practitioners, academics, and a select group of highly engaged graduate students whose studies relate to the seminar themes. The Milton Wolf Seminar Series particularly emphasizes the contribution of young and mid-career scholars, including a select group of outstanding graduate students chosen each year to attend the seminar in Vienna as Emerging Scholar fellows.

The Milton Wolf Seminar has been and continues to be a meeting place for media practitioners, diplomats, academics, and students to share their perspectives, formulate new ideas, and identify areas where further research is needed. The seminar incorporates various speakers and panels and is designed as a two-day continuing conversation. All participants are encouraged to engage openly in dialogue and explore potential synergies and future collaborations. To facilitate the open exchange of ideas, seminar attendance is limited only to invited participants and students.

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