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2009 Scholarship Papers


Arizona State University

Capetola,  Bianca
Resort Spa – Day Spa – Medical Spa


Bowling Green State University

Hatch, Katie
Salzburg Handy Tour: Design, Development and Evaluation of a Salzburg Mobile Phone Tour Simulation

Graz University of Music and Performing Arts

Plessas, Peter
Rigid Sphere Microphone Arrays for Spatial Recording and Holography

Graz University of Technology

Maritschnegg, Elisabeth
Germ cell specification (Epigenesis, Preformation)

Scheucher, Bettina
Remote Physics Experiments in 3D Virtual Environment

Tschann, Phillipp
Emission and Performance Studies of Alternative Fuels

Hawaii Pacific University

Palompo, Rachael, E.M.
The Success of the Austrian and American Press


IMC University of Applied Sciences

Czabaun, Arnold
Non-Implementation of Basel II in the U.S.A. and Resulting Risks for Austrian Exporters

Austrian private business sector compared to other EU countries.

Johannes Kepler University, Linz

Anzengruber, Stephan W.
Final Report of Research stay at Michigan State University

Bauer, Benedikt
Investigation of the polypeptide movement during SecA-mediated protein translocation

Nausner, Martin
Acquisition and Data Processing of Nuclear Magnetic Spin Noise

Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, Graz

Auer, Johannes
Analysis and evaluation of civil work contracts in international projects

Hawaii Pacific University

Matsudo, Shari
Politics and Media: How the U.S. Presidential Election was covered in America and Austria

Krems University of Applied Sciences

Karuvelil, Rina
Identifying Signal Molecules Involved in the Adenosine-Mediated Wound Healing and Dermal Fibrosis

Management Center Innsbruck

Farnik, Stefan
Expression of a thermophilic beta-glucosidase from Thermus sp. Z-1 in E.coli and Pichia pastoris

Hofer, Bernhard, Rudolf
Technology Acceptance As a Trigger for Successful Virtual Project Management. A Study of Business Use of Virtual Worlds

Richter, Alexander
Charge-Transfer Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy in Semiconductor Nanoparticles: Material ZnO

Ruschitzka, Paul
Identifying putative members form an enriched lignocellulose degradation community

Michigan State University 

Liszewski, Melissa
Animal Welfare Education in Austria

Minnesota State University

Long, Christopher
Does Minnesota have what it takes to become the next grape growing haven?

Grimm, Monica A.
The Global Financial and Economic Crisis. A Comparative Study: Austria and the United States

Schlindwein, Hannah
Business relationship between the US and Austria in the view of the present and historical economic environment

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Auer, Franz Felix
Adequate Null Models for Pro le Hiddenm Markov Models for Protein Families

Buchinger, Rene
Solvent fractionation process for switschgrass

Muehlbacher, Josef
Final Report. Internship at the University of Tennessee

Noehmer, Andrea
Wood extractives and their biological, chemical and physical impact

Thurner, Armin
Enhancement of Active/Active Replication for a Digital Rights Management Product Activation Server

San Diego State University and
University of California – Santa Barbara

Simons, Nicole
Risk assessment frameworks of emergency management organizations for multiple natural hazard events with a special focus on wild fires: A comparison study between USA and Austria

St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences

Wagner, Susanne
Basic 3D Character Modeling

University of Leoben

Wagner, Peter
A Study on the Behavior of Interstitial Elements in Nickel Super-alloys

University of Maryland, College Park 

Gu, Ruirui


University of California, San Diego

Weissenbeck, Juergen
Autoignition and Combustion of Biofuels


University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Plackner, Johannes

Biogeochemistry of tungsten in the plant soil environment

Poetzelsberger, Elisabeth
Biome-BGC model analysis and application in the USA

University of Wisconsin, Madison 

Gebert, Serena Leigh
Biocultural diversity background and monitoring in the biosphere reserve “Großes Walsertal”

Vienna University of Technology

Beyer, Johanna
GPU-based Multi-Volume Rendering of Complex Data in Neuroscience and Neurosurgery

Juschitz, Alexander
Bayesian generalized least square regression

Karimipour, Farid
Dynamic and Kinetic Delaunay Triangulation in 2D and 3D: A Survey

Niemann, Ulrich
Entwicklung einer experimentellen Hochdruckverbrennungsanlage

Schramm, Wolfgang
Design of a Toolkit for Semi-Automatic Tissue Segmentation and Interactive Applicator Placement for Thermal Ablation using the Slicer Platform

Wagner, Michael
Temperaturabgesenkte Asphalte

Wilke, Gwendolin
Marshall Plan Scholarship 2009 Final Report

Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

Fink, Lukas
Motor test plant